How to Secretly Read Facebook Messenger without the Sender knowing

How to Secretly Read Facebook Messenger without the Sender knowing – As of now, Facebook Messenger is one of the greatest tools for communication, but it can also be very intrusive.

How to Secretly Read Facebook Messenger without the Sender Knowing

Sometimes you might not want to reply to a message immediately, and yet we also don’t want to appear to be rude by ignoring it. this is why you are here. You will be able to know how to secretly read Facebook Messenger without the sender knowing.

How to Secretly Read Facebook Messenger without the Sender Knowing

On Facebook Messenger, a circle with a checkmark inside will show next to the text box once you’ve sent a message. When the receiver opens it, though, this will vanish and be replaced by their icon. You can tell it has been read by that. Although you cannot disable these read receipts on Facebook Messenger, there are certain workarounds that can give you some control.

The most effective way of stopping reading receipts is to turn off your internet connection. Below you have the process of how it works:

Enable Flight Mode

The Airplane or Flight mode should be one of the quick-access icons that display when you pull down from the top of the screen, but you can find it in the settings app on your phone.

Lunch your Messenger

Do not open the Facebook Messenger app or activate Flight or Airplane mode when you initially receive the message. The new message is now available for reading in the app; the sender won’t be aware of it.

Read the Message

There is no clear way to know whether this was effective on your phone, but the sender will continue to see merely a circle to the right of the text bubble that has a checkmark inside it. When the circle’s interior is white or filled with gray, the message has been sent or delivered, respectively.

Turn Off Flight Mode

Turning off Flight Mode and reopening Facebook Messenger should only be done once you’ve determined that you’re free to communicate with the sender. Your profile image will now occupy this circle, signaling to the sender that you have viewed the message.

Read Messenger on a PC or Laptop without the Sender Knowing

Facebook doesn’t offer a way to disable Messenger read receipts, not even on desktop. However, here you can take advantage of third-party browser plug-ins without disconnecting a network cable or turning off Wi-Fi.

There are a good number of options if you use Chrome. Search for Unseen on the Chrome Web Store. When you open a message, this clever addon will automatically prevent read receipts from being sent. When you click the Add to Chrome button, the extension will be installed and you’ll be able to view messages privately when using Chrome to access Facebook Messenger.

Users of Firefox may also choose to try FB Unseen, which performs the similar function. Open a new tab in Firefox, click the three vertical lines in the upper right corner, and then choose Add-ons from the menu that displays to install it. Now perform a search for the application and select Add to Firefox.

Therefore, you can use that. Although the terms Facebook and privacy might seem incompatible, you can at least regain some discretion in Messenger by following these suggestions.

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