‘NCIS’ star David McCallum dead at 90

David McCallum, seen here in his role as Donald "Ducky" Mallard on 'NCIS,' died Monday, according to a statement from his family.

David McCallum, an actor best known for his work on the venerable CBS procedural “NCIS,” has passed away, according to a statement from the network. He was 90.

His son Peter McCallum described him as “the kindest, coolest, most patient and loving father” in a statement to CBS from the family. “He always put his family before himself.”

According to CBS, McCallum passed away peacefully at New York Presbyterian Hospital while being attended by his family.


Actress Jill Ireland and McCallum were wed on May 11th, 1957 in London. They got to know one another while making the movie Hell Drivers. After around two years of separation, the marriage was declared legally null and void in February 1967.[26] Paul, Jason, and Valentine (Val) are the three sons of McCallum and Ireland. Adopted child Jason overdosed on drugs unintentionally and passed away in 1989.[27] Guitarist Val McCallum has collaborated intermittently with a number of artists, including Lucinda Williams from 2011 to 2016 and Jackson Browne since 2002. He was a part of the Jackshit fake-country band.[28][29]

In Valley Stream, New York, on September 16, 1967, McCallum wed former fashion model-turned-interior designer Katherine Carpenter.[26] The pair, who were together for 58 years, first connected during a 1965 picture shoot for Glamour magazine.[26]

David was a talented actor and novelist who was well-liked by many people all around the world, the network said in a statement. He lived an extraordinary life, and his family and the innumerable hours of cinema and television that he starred in will ensure that his legacy endures forever. We shall miss his friendliness and delightful sense of humor, which brightened whatever space or setting he entered, as well as the amazing tales from a life well lived that he frequently shared.


Scotland-born McCallum received his big break in the US (after a number of appearances on British television) in the 1960s spy series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” where he costarred as agent Illya Kuryakin opposite Robert Vaughn’s dapper spy Napoleon Solo.

For the program, McCallum received two Emmy nominations. He continued to work steadily after that, landing parts in “The Great Escape” and “A Night to Remember” among other movies. In “The Sixth Finger,” a notable episode of the scary science fiction anthology series “The Outer Limits,” he also played a regular guy who agrees to undergo rapid evolutionary progress.


In 1975, McCallum made his comeback to television in the NBC series “The Invisible Man,” which he starred in. Despite its ground-breaking visual effects at the time, the show only ran for one season. His implausible final TV appearance was on the CBS crime drama “NCIS.” The patriarch of the show’s investigators and eccentric chief medical examiner Donald “Ducky” Mallard was played by McCallum.

David McCallum Survived with:

Eight grandkids, three sons (Paul McCallum, Valentine McCallum, and Peter McCallum), his daughter Sophie McCallum, and his wife Katherine McCallum, with whom he was married for 56 years, survive McCallum.

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