Good Health for Women

Talking about women’s issues such as health, equality, empowerment, and independence never seems to go out of style. They thrive repeatedly, loudly, and with great conviction. But this feeling lasts for a few days before fading into the background. However, we must ensure that it remains relevant on a daily basis rather than only on special occasions like Women’s Day. There is nothing more significant or empowering than getting to know oneself better, thus we must stick with this idea and feeling in order to make it work.


So, starting from the basics, what does empowerment mean: Literal meaning of “Empowerment” is to have freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens with you. It’s important to make women & girls believe that it’s in their power to do what they want or to control what happens to their health. To make this possible, it is important that they are made aware about themselves, their body and health that will empower them to make prudent decisions and take better care of themselves.

Women are unique and precious in their own way. And so, they need extra care, respect, support and strength not only from the society but also from within. What I mean by precious: any species present on earth needs to reproduce to continue its progeny on the planet and as women, they are responsible for child bearing and rearing to continue human species on earth. It is a very special and huge responsibility. There is no undermining the fact that it is equally a man’s job too to take care of family and children but it is the woman who undergoes the changes not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. They have been made hormonally more vibrant than their counterparts. With this life-altering privilege, also comes the need to take special care of their health, to stay active and fit in the long run.

Here are few ways in which women can start taking baby steps for themselves:

  1. Arunima: Experience the red light, the redness of sky before sunrise to give your body algorithm a boost that will lead to better sleep and better hormonal control.
  2. Learn Cooking: If you know your spices and food well, you will be saved from eating outside food that is made from rancid oils and adulterated ingredients. And please do not fall in the trap of food diets. They are nothing but fads and unsustainable.
  3. Reading labels: Learn to read labels of food items to be more aware of what is going inside your body.
  4. Being physically active or by contributing to homely chores: You increase your NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which in turn will improve your health and give you a clean, warm home.
  5. Sleep: Make it a point to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to reset your algorithm.
  6. Lessen the use of chemicals: In the last 2 decades, thousands of chemicals have entered our environment which affect the vibrancy of hormones so, wherever possible make use of natural products. E.g. Natural soaps,ittars in place of perfumes, daatun in place of toothbrush, and lessen the use of refined oils.
  7. Embrace yoga/exercise: Give yourself time. Our body has been internally designed to be active. Make 20-30 minutes of time for yoga /exercise every day. It’s just like oiling a machine for better performance.
  8. Oxytocin boost: Try to maintain healthy relationships, go for vacations, salon trips and pamper yourself for that important oxytocin boost. Oxytocin-A hormone is at the helm of hormonal hierarchy which helps sort everything out.

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